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UX Design · 2022


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My Contributions

  • In my capstone project, I designed two new modules to increase discoverability and engagement on Chegg’s Course Dashboard.


12 Weeks

My Role

UX Design Intern
Project Owner


1 UX Design Intern (Me)
1 Content Design Intern
1 UXR Intern
2 PM Interns



Lead the project

In my capstone project, I took the lead in the cross-functional team by hosting meetings, proposing more reasonable project timelines, and proactively reaching out to the adjacent project team to handle cross-team dependency.

challenges I overcame

My team was double the size of a normal team, and communication in such a big team was challenging.

I worked cross-functionally with four interns, each has a manager. The interns took ownership of the project, but there were many stakeholders to be kept in the loop. Over time, I developed the skill to communicate with the right person at the right cadence. I also employed different ways to share updates on my design and collect feedback, such as video walkthroughs and meeting recaps.

how I communicated with stakeholders

Another challenge was to collect and synthesize feedback from 20+ people with different levels of involvement in the project.

I proactively seek feedback from the broader UX team's meetings and people in other roles. I found it tricky initially because I didn't have enough time to cover everything first, and people had different levels of knowledge about my project.

Collecting feedback from

How did I efficiently collect feedback from a large group of people? I started by introducing the context and emphasizing what feedback I was looking for; due to the time limit, I focused on one or two parts that mattered the most.

Some feedback contradicted each other. To better handle feedback, I kept the high-level project goal in mind and focused on feedback within the scope.

What my manager and teammate said about me